Monday, 21 July 2008

Being Green - How my parcels get to where they're going

Every business has to be green these days, but how do you know that they really do what they say? I thought I would show you in pictures how my parcels start their journey to my customers.

I am keen that my business produces no waste, so every box of stock I receive from my suppliers is cut up and reused as stiffening for my parcels. Offcuts and leftover paper are composted or burned as firelighters. My parcels are made to the exact size of the contents, and wrapped in brown paper - economical and durable. It also helps keep down the cost of posting and packaging for my customers.

The parcels then go into my rucksack and start their journey to the post office - on foot. Across the river and up the hill, up the hill a bit more and then across the dual carriageway.

Past the church:
And to the post office:
Of course, there are some occasions when the rain is so heavy I take the post in the car (a car in the lowest emissions bracket), but most days my parcels travel the mile to the post office on foot.

By supporting my local post office with my parcels, I also help to keep business in the local area. So VS Music Supplies is a low waste, environmentally friendly business supporting other small businesses in the area.

If you have any thoughts on this or suggestions about how I can be greener, why not post a comment?

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