Friday, 24 October 2008

Being Green - The Winter Journey

In a post in July, I showed how my parcels start their journey to my customers, and how green they are - most of them go to the post office on foot, through the fields and past the sheep.

Well now the winter is approaching the very pretty route I show you becomes less pretty - a couple of days ago we had had so much rain the ground was waterlogged, squelchy, muddy and at times dangerously slippy.  So it's now time to switch to a different route and I thought I would post a few photos.

The journey starts the same, but instead of going uphill through the fields, I divert to a track (above).  This road is hundreds of years old and shown on 17th century maps, but as you can see its lower reaches have not been maintained in recent years.  It is stony, which gives grip but has a small stream running down it in the wet, due presumably to a broken field drain further up.  This is a haunt of goldfinches, greenfinches, robins and dunnocks, and I always see little birds flitting away as I approach.

On the way uphill, I took another photo showing the village where I live and work.

Further up, the track improves as it gets closer to the farm and some houses.   If you have eagle eyes you may notice a traffic cone sitting in the field.  Why?  No idea, but it's been there all year!  The sheep don't seem to mind.

After this, a footpath takes me to join the path I normally use before crossing the A road (see the post from July further down this page).  This route is a bit longer, but much safer and easier in the wet weather. 


Once I have taken the parcels, I have another alternative route home which I sometimes use if I am feeling very energetic or it's a nice day, as it was today.  This follows the roads, so is over twice the length and time of the other ones.

The last month has been very busy with the start of the new school year.  I have odd spurts of interest for specific books - A Tuneful Introduction to the Third Position for example, where I sold out of stock three weeks in a row.  A Standard of Excellence Book 1 is a popular beginner brass tutor with schools in my area, Team Strings 1 for Viola is this week's bestseller.  

That's all for now - I do hope to be adding more stock to the website in the next few weeks, will let you know when it's done.


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