Saturday, 11 October 2008

Christmas Gifts

It's taken a while, but I have now completed the Christmas gifts section on the website. I have tried to select gifts of different prices and characters for all members of the family. For practical gifts, the music bags are a great buy - good value for money, durable and will prevent the "I can't find my music" routine as you are trying to get the offspring out of the door to the music lesson!

The quaver coffee mugs are my favourite gift item - a classy and simple design that will brighten up any kitchen. For those who have a tendency to break mugs, the treble clef mug is a good option - a thicker construction means this should be less breakable.

In regards to stocking fillers, for kids there are instrument badges, for adults the Classic FM books are firm favourites.

So, do your Christmas shopping early - I even have wrapping paper for your gifts.

I have also got a great selection of Christmas music now - for solo instruments or groups. I will still be adding to it over the next few weeks, but if you are looking for carol collections, they're all there, whatever your instrument or ability. Check it out by clicking here

That's it for now - happy shopping.

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Rachael said...

I prefer buying online because the deals are good and there are many unique gift ideas that are tough to find in the shops. It also can makes Christmas shopping so much easier.