Wednesday, 12 November 2008

After the dramas of two weeks ago, all is quiet on the plumbing front, so life is back to normal now.

I finally finished my paperwork, but was then struck by the mystery of the disappearing books. Four trombone books are nowhere to be seen - they were there at the last stock take in April, but have disappeared since.  No doubt they will turn up in completely the wrong box next time I do a stock take, but it is really annoying, especially since I have had to buy more!

Every week I add new titles to my website and/or stock.  There is so much music out there, I rely on publishers and customers bringing new titles to my attention in addition to my regular trawl through the catalogues.  This week I have added The Guitarist's Way to my site, after a local customer requested it recently.  It doesn't seem to be too well known, but it is a good starter series for guitarists.

I have also added New Christmas Praise for brass/wind band, which is a great set of Christmas tunes for bands.  My band section on the website is a little thin - it's one of my projects for 2009.  I have added a few more books to my accordion section too, more to come there.

That's all for this week, have a good weekend.

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