Sunday, 11 January 2009

On the Radio!

I had a busy international week this week, shipping orders everywhere including Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy and the US.  It's great to be able to help people play great music all the way around the world.

Anyway, I was settling down for a relaxing weekend, gardening aborted due to frozen ground, so thought I would watch bobsleigh races, tennis and make another batch of marmalade.  Then I got a phone call from the BBC.

Earlier in the week, I had suggested to Radio 4 that they cover a hidden side of all the redundancy stories in the news - the HR people who have to make all those employees redundant.  In my former life I was a HR director and making people redundant is the worst part of that job.  So, having made the suggestion, the Radio 4 programme Broadcasting House thought I should do a live interview on the programme.  Serves me right for sticking my head above the parapet!

So this morning I found myself alone in a BBC studio in Blackburn talking on national radio about my experiences.  The presenter, Paddy O'Connell, asked me what I do now and I told him, saying that I now have no employees to deal with and that's the way I like it.

You can hear the programme here

It's now over a year since I left my well paid job for this business and I don't regret it one bit.  I talk to some lovely people, and get real satisfaction from helping people find the music they want.  I don't make mega bucks and probably never will, but I don't have to sack people anymore.  A much better way of life.


Jean said...

Hi Ruth,
I listened to the radio program. I can certainly relate to how hard it is. I've been a manager in the software business for a while now and have had to lay people off alot. In fact, at one place I worked at I spent the first 9 months hiring as many people as I could and then spent the next 2 years laying them off every quarter! I've also joined the unemployed in 2008, getting laid off myself during the summer. Since we had moved to a small town while I was still employed, I'm having a difficult time finding a position.

I envy your new "job". It doesn't sound so much like a job; more like a passion. I am hoping that I can find the right new thing for me. Decades in a high tech profession is probably too long. If only I could do something in the gardening world, I'd be a happier person! Best of luck with your business in 2009.

Ruth@VS said...

Thanks for your comments. I do sympathise with your position - it is so difficult. I knew I wanted to change direction a year before I left and the only reason I ended up doing what I do now was that I surfed websites with businesses for sale. I saw this, realised it was perfect for me and went for it - sometimes things just happen. So I hope you find the right thing for you too. In the meantime, keep up with the gardening as you do it so well.

Frances said...

Dear Ruth,

Haha....I found that I'm not ur 1st in HK (why I'm so stupid to think like that ^^). Hope ur "heart" will connet to every corner of the world!