Friday, 16 January 2009

Top Searches This Week

Each week I check out what people have been looking for on the web, and which instruments or pieces people most often visit.

This week's winner is... the viola.

The viola isn't the kind of instrument to attract much attention, but it should be.  Its mellow tone, and position midway between violin and cello are unique and it certainly should be more popular. Like other "cinderella" instruments, few music shops stock a good range of pieces for the instrument.  I love "cinderella" instruments and make an effort to find lots of music for them.  One of my main goals is to ensure that students can find the music they need for exams up to grade 8, and so I stock everything I can find from those lists.

This week, viola scales have been popular, as has "L'alto Classique", particularly with overseas customers.  Add a sprinkling of Viola Time books, the odd concerto and sonata - all in all it has been a good week for the viola.

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