Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Life back to normal

All the snow is now gone, and everything is back to normal now.  

Last week the county council repaired the path I use to get to the post office every day - it's much easier and safer, it's just a pity they did it after I spent several days slipping and sliding on the icy mud!

Popular items over the last week or so: clarinet ligatures, clarinet mouthpiece caps and batons.  I am pretty much out of all of them and awaiting new stock now.

Some books sell in large numbers all at the same time - Easy Winners is one of these, and it is going through just such a phase this week.  It is listed on the brass exam syllabus but is also available for other instruments.  It's a collection of 75 famous tunes from many different types of music: TV, folk songs, pop songs, film themes and tunes from classical music.  There is also a new collection, called Great Winners, which has 48 new theme tunes, including Wallace and Gromit, the Maple Leaf Rag and the Great Escape March.  This is available only for brass at present.  

Both of these books are great value, and for most instruments a CD containing backing tracks is also available, so you can play along!  Just put "Great Winners" or "Easy Winners" in the search engine on the website (see left for link).

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