Monday, 2 February 2009

There are some days....

... when I'm even more glad than normal that I work from home.  I sat with my cup of coffee this morning watching the flakes falling and thinking how pretty it looks.  I can think that because I no longer have to defrost my car, skid slowly along the road out of the village and spend a few hours sitting in traffic before getting to the office and finding lots of people didn't bother getting out of bed.

If you have seen my Being Green policy you will know that I take my parcels to the post largely on foot.  On days like today it is in fact the safest way, avoiding the compacted snow on the roads and the speed kings who seem to think that driving along a snow/ice covered roads at 40 mph is a good thing.  

So this is the view on my way to the post office this morning.  It was quite dark with looming clouds and occasional snow flurries.

On the way back I took this picture 
of a snow covered East Lancashire.  We are set for heavy snow tonight, so more to come.

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