Friday, 24 April 2009


My walks to the post office are now increasingly dry and sunny.  A few days ago I discovered these little buddies on my path, sitting in a sunny and sheltered spot.  They were only a couple of days old and weren't sure what to make of me.  Their mothers had gone off into the fields either side of the path, but returned sharpish when the lambs started bleating, wondering what to do.  I gently shepherded them up the path to the gate where they came in, they went off with their mothers and I carried on my way.  A few days earlier I found a herd of cattle sitting on the path - such are the hazards of taking my parcels to the post office on foot!

So, back to work - this week I have been increasing the music listed on the website for several instruments:
I have also added cello tailguts (at a really low price too) in response to a customer request - please do ask if you need something and can't find it.  I have a long list of things I would like to add to the website, but only so many hours in the day - if it exists there is a good chance I can get it, so feel free to ask!

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