Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Recorder Music

I have spent some time increasing the recorder section with the pieces required for the Trinity recorder exams. The ABRSM list will follow.

On the subject of the ABRSM exams, the new strings, brass and woodwind syllabus from 2010 will be published in August. I have received a list of all the pieces required (though not the syllabus itself) for all instruments so I will be adding the music over the next month.

Hope you're enjoying the fine weather, I certainly am! It's a bit of a struggle to sit at my computer some times...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Organ and Guitar

This week I went to an organ and piano concert by Wayne Marshall and Jennifer Micalleff in Manchester. I've never heard organ and piano play together before, and it was really eye-opening. Some of the music was written for organ and piano, some for two pianos but arranged differently by Wayne Marshall. We also heard variation on Carmen for two pianos, an unpublished work by an American arranger whose name escapes me now. An unusual but very enjoyable evening.

With great timing, the same day I finished a big upgrade to the organ section of the website - most of the ABRSM exam pieces are now on the site.

I have also just completed the classical guitar section with the ABRSM exam pieces. Trinity also uses some of the same pieces, but I will add more Trinity music in a little while.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Harpsichord Music

This week I have added a lot of harpsichord music to the website, covering the vast majority of the pieces required for ABRSM exams grade 4-8. I will be working on this more over coming months. I had never heard a harpsichord played live until I was at University (studying music of course) and was blown away by the beauty of the instrument. I'm also a big fan of baroque music in general, so I find harpsichord music particularly satisfying.

Last week was half term week, so business was quiet and I took the opportunity to get a few days away, over a long weekend. I really enjoy running my own business but the downside to it is that I rarely get away - the last time was between Christmas and New Year. Being an internet retailer means that you work pretty much 7 days a week one way or another. Most orders come in overnight although there are other smaller peaks in the day, so I keep an eye on the website every evening. I really needed a break, having made an uncharacteristic mistake last week which emphasised my tiredness.

My car has been away for a couple of weeks as it was hit by a lorry - I wasn't in it at the time but watched the accident unfold. How a driver can fail to see a bright red car parked in the road is a mystery! There was obvious damage to one wing, but I noticed the back wheels seemed to be out of alignment with the front ones. When I pointed it out to the mechanic who came to collect my car, he clearly didn't believe me, an attitude common with male mechanics when speaking to a woman. He said "You know the back wheels stick out further than the front ones", like I was an idiot. So yesterday when they rang to tell me my car was ready, I asked about the wheels. "The back axle was bent, we had to replace it" was the answer. It's nice to be right!