Friday, 5 June 2009

Harpsichord Music

This week I have added a lot of harpsichord music to the website, covering the vast majority of the pieces required for ABRSM exams grade 4-8. I will be working on this more over coming months. I had never heard a harpsichord played live until I was at University (studying music of course) and was blown away by the beauty of the instrument. I'm also a big fan of baroque music in general, so I find harpsichord music particularly satisfying.

Last week was half term week, so business was quiet and I took the opportunity to get a few days away, over a long weekend. I really enjoy running my own business but the downside to it is that I rarely get away - the last time was between Christmas and New Year. Being an internet retailer means that you work pretty much 7 days a week one way or another. Most orders come in overnight although there are other smaller peaks in the day, so I keep an eye on the website every evening. I really needed a break, having made an uncharacteristic mistake last week which emphasised my tiredness.

My car has been away for a couple of weeks as it was hit by a lorry - I wasn't in it at the time but watched the accident unfold. How a driver can fail to see a bright red car parked in the road is a mystery! There was obvious damage to one wing, but I noticed the back wheels seemed to be out of alignment with the front ones. When I pointed it out to the mechanic who came to collect my car, he clearly didn't believe me, an attitude common with male mechanics when speaking to a woman. He said "You know the back wheels stick out further than the front ones", like I was an idiot. So yesterday when they rang to tell me my car was ready, I asked about the wheels. "The back axle was bent, we had to replace it" was the answer. It's nice to be right!

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