Friday, 24 July 2009

More Brass Ensemble Music

This week I have added a large number of pieces for brass ensembles, from duets to full brass bands.

Music from the "Winners" series by Brass Wind Publications are always firm favourites, whether for brass duet or flexible 4 part ensembles. Lots of well-known tunes in easy and flexible arrangements, suitable for school groups.

I have also added a number of Christmas arrangements for brass - we are now half way through the year and Christmas starts in August for most shops! I will put special Christmas music section up later in the year, but for now I still have too much to do for the new syllabuses.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The New ABRSM Syllabus

The new ABRSM syllabus is not published until August, but we retailers do get a sneak preview of all the books required for the new set pieces so we can plan ahead. I'm not allowed to tell you what's in the syllabus, so a few general comments will have to do.

There are new set pieces for cello, double bass, trumpet, trombone and bass trombone. In most cases, a few new pieces replace others which have dropped off the syllabus. But it seems the bass trombone syllabus has been given a big makeover.

This was overdue - the pieces listed were a bit dull, difficult to get, often expensive (especially since the crash of sterling last year) and sometimes out of print. The new syllabus includes a lot of newer publications which will be cheaper, more accessible, and include different styles of music for bass trombone - I'm sure it will be welcomed by trombone teachers.

Some of the books listed are not yet published, for some I need to check prices by phone before I can list them so it will be another month before they are all online. One or two are already out of print!
ABRSM has also rebranded itself, with a new website and new logo (at the top of this post) so it's all change there.

While some schools are already on their summer break, others will finish this week, so I hope everyone has a great holiday if they're going away. I also hope the kids will keep practicing...

Saturday, 4 July 2009

More Website Updates

Over the last few days I have added pieces from Trinity Guildhall's jazz syllabus for clarinet, flute and saxophone, so there is a lot more jazz music available to order now.

At this time of year orders tend to drop off a bit, so that gives me more time to work on the website. I'm spending about 3 hours a day on it at present, 6 days a week. It's a work in constant progress, and a job that will never be finished!

I do rely on customers asking for obscure pieces - I like obscure music as I often end up being the only retailer selling it! Good for me and good for my customers. This week's new, hard to find piece is Adagio fur eine Spieluhr (Adagio for a Musical Clock) by Beethoven, for flute or oboe. It is imported from Eastern Europe only on demand, so there's a long wait, but it is very hard to find elsewhere.