Saturday, 1 August 2009

Decorating day

At this time of year business is quiet, so I have time to do jobs in preparation for the new school year, when I get very busy. I have mentioned in previous posts the publication of the new syllabuses for the exam boards generates work on the website, and generally I try to spend time improving what I offer on the site.

But for the last few months I have been promising myself that I would decorate my office. So a couple of days ago I started by tidying and reorganising some of my stock. In the process I found a few things which I had either lost, or didn't know I had - a clarinet pull-through, for example (I needed this for an order as my new stock hadn't arrived), ten cello spike rubbers and some badges.

So today was the day I moved all the stock out to get on with the painting. I have just sat down after starting at 9.30, with some of the stock back in but quite a bit of cleaning and tidying still to do. Hard work and I have a slightly pulled shoulder muscle, but worth it - the office is a much nicer colour (deep pink, very restful) and I will feel ready to get on with the new season in a tidier office!

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