Friday, 21 August 2009

New Trinity String Syllabus

I have almost completed adding all the new pieces listed in the Trinity Syllabus for 2010-2012. I just have a few books I need to check, but most are now on line.

A few books are not yet published:

  • Viola Allsorts

  • Cello Allsorts

  • Go with the Flow - Cello

I will keep an eye on these and add them when they become available. The grade 7 and 8 pieces for violin and viola have changed the most from the previous years.

One of the frustrating things I find with Trinity is that they make mistakes in the syllabus, unlike ABRSM. Sometimes these mistakes are carried over from year to year, and it can make it difficult for teachers and parents to find the music. They often don't put edition numbers in which makes it difficult for retailers to find the pieces, but sometimes when they do, they get the number wrong.

A bigger problem is incorrect titles, here are some I have spotted so far:

  • Solos for the Young Violinist should be Solos for Young Violinists

  • Lost Melodies - Old Masterpieces for Cello is actually called Forgotten Melodies by the publisher so you would never find this on any website!

  • Roche: Vacance should be Vacances, with an S

In these days when people search for music via the internet, accuracy in titles and edition numbers is so important - so if you're reading this at Trinity Guildhall (and I know you drop in from time to time!), please, please could you check all the titles and numbers before your next publications?

I haven't got to the brass and guitar syllabi yet - will do them next week.

On a lighter note, while business is picking up as new school years start, most mornings are still quiet so I can get on with updating the website. What I really don't get is why everything happens at once, after some hours with no phone calls or deliveries!

Yesterday, all was quiet until 12 o'clock, when in the space of 30 minutes I had two customers call with complicated queries which required internet searches, 2 deliveries arrived and one of these arrived at the exact same time I received a call back from a distributor which I really needed to answer! Then there was the wrong music in one of my parcels which I then had to sort out. I was also trying to do the post at the same time as helping customers, processing deliveries and wrapping parcels. I finally sat down to lunch at 2.30!


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