Saturday, 26 September 2009

More New Music

We are now in the slightly manic phase of the year, when everyone is buying music books and, bizarrely, people tend to order exactly the same books on the same day. It's weird - you don't sell any copies of some books for 9 months, then you get several orders at the same time. It's a struggle to keep up with demand at this time of year, and I'm pretty tired.

Newly published music includes Green and Pleasant, for trombone or euphonium, available in treble or bass clef and on the new exam syllabus.

Other new music - Six Studies in English Folksong for Tuba, by Vaughan Williams. Bass clef only.

For advanced double bass players, there is Moving On Again, a piece written in 2007. And for more intermediate players, there is Bass in Space.

For those still waiting for Winner Scores All, the latest update from the publisher is that it is due out mid-October. I hope to have more new music next week, if time permits.

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