Friday, 4 September 2009

New this Week

The Associated Board cello exam recordings have been published this week, with the exception of the grade 8 one for some reason. They are all now on the website. Curiously, the retail prices in a few cases are lower than the price list I received a couple of months ago. I have added them at the new price, but some retailers have used the old price list.

This week I have also completed adding new pieces from the Trinity guitar syllabus, as there have been a few changes.

A few oddities this week - I ordered a piece of flute music (Out of the Cool) some time ago for a customer, only to be told it was being reprinted. It finally turned up and I sent it out, only for the customer to ring me and tell me the piano part was incomplete. To cut a long story short, it turned out the whole print run was faulty and will have to be pulped. It will be months before it is ready again.

Then there's the parcel which left Holland on 26th August and still hasn't arrived. And the warehouse person for another publisher who managed to send me the invoice for the correct book yet put the wrong book in the parcel. These kinds of things are really annoying when you have customers waiting. Such is life...

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