Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Music This Week

At this time of year, music publishers bring out their new publications. Most of them are single books of repertoire - few are a complete new series of books, let alone a new tutor book.

This week I have added a brand new violin tutor series called Violin Playing to the website; it takes students from the very beginning to grade 8 standard, which is most unusual. There are 5 books:

  • Book 1 - preparatory/initial grade

Book 2 - grades 1 to 2

Book 3 - grades 3 and 4

Book 4 - grades 5, 6 and part of 7

Book 5 - grades 7 and 8

There are also two repertoire books to accompany the series; the First and Second Book of Concert Pieces.

Other additions to the website: Marcellos 2 sonatas for viola in G and C, and the new third) edition of Abracadabra Cello.

On the subject of the postal strike, while there are some delays to post to and from VS Music Supplies, they don't seem to be long delays, with post taking a day or two longer than it should in most cases. Let's hope it continues that way.

Friday, 23 October 2009

New This Week

Christmas is now approaching and while I sold my first Christmas music in July (really!), interest in Christmas music picks up from about now. The most popular item which I sell in large numbers each year is New Christmas Praise for brass or wind band, and I have already sent off a full set of this in October.

So this week I added a few new or new to me publications for the Christmas period:

When the new exam syllabuses are published, there are always a few pieces which have not yet been issued or are out of print at the time, so I do keep checking them. This week I have added:

And recently published music includes:

That's all for this week. I hope the postal strike is not affecting you too badly, its business as usual here, despite the strike.

Update: In this article there is a picture of what happens when a driver who doesn't read signs tries to drive down the footpath I use to take my parcels to the post office!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

New this Week

I now have a bit of a breather after the September/early October rush, so have been able to add more new music to the website.

Starting with Christmas, Faber Music has published another collection of pieces for school string ensemble, Stringpops Christmas. Easy arrangements for players up to grade 2, it comes with a CD containing PDF parts and recordings of the accompaniments too, all for £9.99.

Taigh na Teud, the scottish publisher based on the Isle of Skye, has published several new books this autumn. Most of them are music for the Scottish Music Exams grades 1 to 5: for harp, accordion, and fiddle (towards the bottom of the page).
For choir there is Slighe an Airgrid, gaelic songs for choir.

Brass Wind have just published an eagerly awaited book, Winner Scores All. This is all over the new syllabus for brass instruments and there has already been a lot of interest. Currently there is a treble clef instrumental version
with a piano accompaniment available for b flat (trumpet) only.
The bass clef instrumental version for trombone has also just been published. I am sure more versions and piano accompaniments will follow.

Moving on to strings, a new publication by Kevin Mayhew is also on the cello exam syllabus. Go with the Flow contains music for cello in a range of styles.
The CDs for the 2010-2015 Trinity Guildhall violin syllabus are just out.
The CDs for the new Trinity guitar syllabus have also just been published and also include the guitar duets.
Staying with guitar, The Real Guitar Book Volume 3 has been published this month by Camden .
Other music -Let's Swing for violin, with CD has just been released by Spartan Press. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
For saxophone, there is Songs for Claire, and new music to the website (not newly published) includes The Light Touch 1 and 2 for trumpet.
Finally, with the prospect of a postal strike looming, I am adding the option for special delivery (UK only) to the website. Special delivery items are treated differently to ordinary post and will not be too affected by a strike. Though they may slow a little, they won't get stuck in a pile in a sorting office, so if you want to pay extra for the reassurance, you may do so.
I'm not happy about the prospect of a strike - for small businesses like me who use Royal Mail to send out our parcels and have some deliveries arrive by ordinary post, a strike will cost money. I may have to pay extra for special delivery for my supplies, so I really have no sympathy with Royal Mail workers, along with all of the public I meet in the post office every day. Let's hope someone somewhere sees sense before they proceed down this suicidal path.

Friday, 2 October 2009

And Yet More New Music

Brass Wind have published more music recently; A Blast from the Past by Adam Gorb contains music for trumpet and piano inspired by renaissance and baroque sounds. For intermediate players.
On a slightly different theme, though still for trumpet, Cecilia McDowell has created music inspired by works of art, hence the title "Framed".
Queens Temple Publications has just released the latest installment in a set of sonatas by Timothy Bowers. His sonata for bass trombone and piano was composed in 2006, and follows the release of his sonata for tenor trombone, which was composed in 2007. More of these works to come.
It's been a very busy week in the online shop, so busy I got up at 5 am yesterday to get ahead! Orders tend to decline at this point in the week, so I can get all my paperwork straight, file away the new books that have come in, do this post and sweep out the office.
This week I received my first order of new packing paper from a new supplier. It's cheaper than the paper I used to buy, but stronger so should stand up to the stresses of travel through the mail better. I will be able to keep my postage prices the same for a while longer - they have been the same for two years (not many retailers have managed this!) but I think it's likely that when the postage charges go up again in April I will have to increase it slightly. Cheaper paper certainly helps keep costs down.
That's it for this week. I hope to have a bit more time next week to add new books to the website, but if you don't see what you want, do ask - I can get almost anything.