Friday, 15 January 2010

The Award for the Worst Courier of 2010 (so far!)

Well we're only a couple of weeks into the new year and I already have two contenders for the worst courier service of 2010.

The front runner is DHL - for the simple reason that on 5th January they took custody of a parcel from Oxford University Press for me and, in a stunning demonstration of incompetence, it has still not been delivered by today, the 15th. The reason is "snow" and the closure of the motorway. Yes the motorway between their depot and me did close briefly during the heavy snow on the 5th/6th January. But I also know that on the 5th and 6th January all the drivers sat on their backsides in the depot all day (elf n safety?) - understandable during the worst of the blizzard (Tuesday). All the parcels were apparently put in a warehouse, which seems to be in a different space/time continuum, as my parcel has never reappeared in this dimension.

The publisher has chased it every day this week, but DHL apparently lack all interest in doing their job belatedly and so OUP has despatched a duplicate order. Let's see how long that takes. In the meantime, I have customers waiting for music in that delivery and I have smoke coming out of my ears.

The second contender for worst courier of 2010 is Parcelforce. They also abandon work at any sign of snow or ice. Over the Christmas period they took a stunning 10 days to deliver a parcel which was "24 hour express". The reason? Snow. I was also due a delivery today, but it looks like the driver didn't like the look of the rain and partially melted snow on the road so he hasn't bothered. 24 hour express? More like 24 days.

What I don't understand is why this happens when companies like Fedex, DPD and UPS do get through, with slight delays. You'd think that professional drivers would be more able to cope - people who live here have had to drive on the stuff. Or, they could park up and walk a bit, like some of us have had to do. It's not that hard.

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