Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Normal Service Resumes

After the snow fiasco, I have finally caught up on all my deliveries. My parcel wrapping paper, one month overdue, arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for today's mammoth parcel collection.

And my orders of the last two weeks which came by DHL arrived yesterday. But to add insult to injury, they should have been here on Friday - the idiot substitute driver insisted on listening to his Sat Nav, ignoring the "no vehicles", "dead end", "no through road" signs all the way down an impassable road until he impaled his vehicle on the steps and crashed it into the bushes. Irritatingly, this all happened 1/4 mile from my house - if I'd known, I'd have walked up there and liberated my parcels myself.

And this morning, the goods ordered on 5th January, which had disappeared into a black hole (see previous post) also turned up. I sent them back.

So the Snow Chaos is now behind us for the time being. My apologies to customers who had their orders delayed, many thanks for your patience.

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