Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's the manic time of year again

At this time of year, everyone wants the same music books at the same time and I'm run of my feet, so website updating takes a back seat during the rush. Today though, is a quieter day so I have time to mention some of the goings-on in the music business.

As everyone knows, we are in a recession and the sheet music and instrument business has been hit hard by this. Over the course of the year there have been a number of changes to distribution networks as publishers try to maximise their sales and minimise their expenses. Some smaller publishers have signed up for distribution with larger concerns and some bigger publishers are considering or making changes to the way they work. A couple of them are worth mentioning as I think they are very welcome.

Firstly Chantelle, a guitar music business, has now arranged for distribution in the UK via MDS in Germany, who also handle giants such as Boosey & Hawkes, Universal Edition and Schott. I'm pleased about this as guitar music is very patchily distributed and so I hope to add more titles to the website this autumn.

Secondly, Breitkopf & Hartel has also agreed to distribute its exam syllabus titles via MDS. I've been frustrated by the difficulty of obtaining their music in the UK, so I hope that by the time these titles are available (15th November) I will have added them to the website.

I have done some stocking up for Christmas, and also added some new music, here's a selection:
Flexible Christmas Jazz Duets for Strings
The Bass Clef Book - not new, but new to the website, it's a tutor book to improve the left hand of pianists
The Spooky Wooky Violin Collection
Nifty Shifts - to help young violinists with position changing

And finally, Trinity has now published all grades of the new keyboard syllabus for 2011, you can find it here.

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