Friday, 1 July 2011

New Music This Week, 01/07/11

This week has been dominated by the publication of the new Trinity Guildhall 2012 piano syllabus. This is notable for two things: it's out on time (a first for Trinity) and they have adopted the ABRSM practice of packaging CDs with the exam pieces book. I don't know why they have taken so long to do this; they're bound to sell more and as the book/CD package is not subject to VAT it's not only cheaper but much easier administratively too.

They have still produced separate CDs, and you can find all three products in the Piano Exam Pieces section of the website (the link takes you to the page where they are listed, starting second row down). They're not in stock yet, I'll get them in gradually over the next few months as sales for new exam pieces are slow to get off the mark.

Trinity has also published a new (2nd) series of its Sound at Sight (sight reading) books for piano. Four books this time instead of three. I'm not sure if the original series will disappear in time, will need to check that out. This link takes you to the page where all the books are listed, starting about half way down.

On a completely different theme, a new piece for euphonium - Goblin's Rondo, a well-known piece by Bazzini originally written for violin.

Staying on the violin theme, next week the ABRSM publishes its new violin syllabus along with new technical requirements for all string instruments. I'm part way through adding them, ABRSM says were not allowed to sell them/put them on the website until 7th July, an embargo which they themselves and other big retailers roundly ignore, so I hope to have them up by the middle of the week.

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