Friday, 5 August 2011

Developments on the Website

It's been a busy couple of weeks, as orders diminish over the summer holidays I spend most of my time working on the website. There are always lots of developments to make but never enough time to do them.

Anyway, Faber have now published the last books of the revised Improve your Aural series, so I decided now was the time to tidy up the Aural Training section. I've added more books, so the section is 50% bigger, now including the revised Aural Time series as well as a few others.

I've also created a separate, improved section for manuscript paper and books. It includes things such as guitar and ukulele tab, special manuscript for piano as well as standard books for writing music.

Now I'm on with the new ukulele section; I've had a few ukulele books on the website for a while, but nowhere proper to put them. So today I got the most popular tutor books into a new section and moved the other books (such as Ukulele Christmas Playlist, a good seller) over to there.

Still have lots of things to do - the Christmas section needs a check next week, and I still need to add lots of barcodes and stuff which the Great Google God requires. I try to do some every day, but with thousands of products it is the stuff of nightmares, typing in 13 digit numbers and codes every day. I've been at it for three months now, hope I'll have finished it all by the end of the year.