Monday, 24 October 2011

New on the Website and Special Notice re 25th October

I've now added a guitar section to the website, with instruments of different types in varying sizes.  To go with this development, I've also added some guitar accessories.  I'm particularly pleased with the guitar bags, which are good quality and excellent value.

Staying with the guitar theme, I've finally done something I really wanted to for some time, which is add some single songs - melody line, lyrics and chords.  These are only £2 each, printed in a loose-leaf form on good quality paper, but much cheaper than if they were commercially printed and bound in the traditional way.  At the moment I've concentrated on classics such as "Wild Thing", "We are the Champions" and "Faith", popular songs which will always be popular.  Lots more to come, the section is far from finished.

Finally, tomorrow United Utilities' electricity division, Electricity Northwest, is turning off our electricity from 9am for some reason which undoubtedly has something to do with the electricity substation down the road.  It may be off all day, who knows, given my experience of what I call "United NO-Utilities", I suppose it could be longer.  Last time they made a mess it lasted three days and they cut my gas off twice into the bargain.  Anyway, let's hope they stick to their word this time.

So I've got ahead with my orders as best I can and will be starting work extra early tomorrow morning.  But clearly I will be unable to take phone calls, deal with emails or process orders which arrive after the witching hour of 9am tomorrow.  Sorry, please bear with me.

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