Thursday, 23 February 2012

New This Week, 23rd February 2012

I know I normally start with new music, but thought this week I'd start with a new product for the shop.  I do rely on customers to help get the products people want - if you ask, I'll get if I can - and last week a customer came to me with a problem.  The ligature she had bought didn't fit, it turned out that she had recently bought a new mouthpiece for her daughter which was shaped differently to the standard one.  So I had a chat with my supplier and we suggested this Rovner Star Series 1RL would do the job.  It's flexible enough to adapt to the mouthpiece which is shorter than the standard one.  Rovner ligatures can be pricey, but this is good value at £13.99.

So, on with the new music, in no particular order.

Discovering Rock Violin with CD - a tutor for a variety of rock violin techniques

Come Fly with Me - the famous tune set for grade 3 standard concert band

Hey Jude - the Beatles tune set for grade 2 concert band

Lip Slurs for French Horn - progressive exercises for horn

Alfred has published a revised edition of the Ultimate Beginner series, a "mega pak" consisting of book, CD and DVD to cover all the basics:
Acoustic Guitar
Blues Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Guitar
At £22.99, these packs are sure to keep the beginner going for quite some time!

Several new study scores: Gabrieli's In Excelsiis, Telemann's oboe concerto in F minor, Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine, and Pachelbel's Canon e Gigue for three violins and basso continuo.

For four recorders (Descant, 2 trebles and tenor) we have Frescobald's Canzona.

Following the success of his Ten International Cello Encores, Aaron Minsky has now published a similar volume - Ten International Violin Encores.

Finally, for piano we have Dvorak's Mazurka Op 56 No 4 in D Minor.

That's all for this week, have a good weekend.

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