Friday, 13 April 2012

New Sheet Music This Week, 13th April 2012

This week, it's string music.  Firstly, a whole bunch of cello music:

Laks' Portrait de L'Oiseau-Qui-N'existe-Pas (Portrait of the Bird that Doesn't Exist)  and Cello Sonata
Mamlok: Rotations, composed in 2011
Wustinr: Musical Offering, premiered in 2010
Golijov: Mariel for cello and marimba
Carvelli: Serenata Napolitana from a largely unknown 19th century composer
Cirri: Sonata No 2 in G, Schott edition
Goltermann: Reverie
Theodorakis: East of the Aegean (is it me or have we had a lot of Greek-inspired music lately?)
Putz: Blue Waltz for cello and piano
Mendelssohn's Wedding March for cello
Goeyens Serenade
Gardel Tango
The Most Beautiful Folksongs for cello - arrangements of folksongs for 1 or 2 cellos, available with or without CD.

For double bass, we have Reinke's Thumb Position Exercises, for advanced players

And for violin (to be continued next week) we have:
Mamlok Designs
Ludwig Tango a Deux
Putz Blue Waltz for violin and piano
Faure Berceuse for violin with a piano reduction

That's it for this short working week, looking forward to getting back to normal next week.

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