Friday, 11 May 2012

New Music This Week, 11 May 2012

A funny old week, this one.  Started on Sunday with a power cut, we've had torrential rain and yet another power cut for several hours last night.  So much so I'm surprised I'm still awake as every time they tried and failed to get a stable connection (several times, I lost count), all the alarms started up again, thus waking me up....  Fourth power cut in a couple of months, United Utilities really should change their name to United NO-Utilities.

Anyway, on with the new additions to the website.  It's been a bit of a flute week, it seems, so here's the list:

First Repertoire Pieces for Flute - another new edition from the popular series, with CD now available at £9.99. With all of these books, as the older ones sell out I am replacing them with the new editions.

Genzmer - Capriccio Notturno for Flute or Treble Recorder.

Old Macdonald Plays Flute - folk songs and nursery rhymes for young players, with playalong CD, £12.99.  

Putz Blue Waltz for Flute, in a single edition format at £3.50.  Another single edition is Mendelssohn's Wedding March, also £3.50.  And finally for single editions, Mozart's Andante KV315, same price.

From Schott, Schmitz Fairy Tale Suite, £12.99.

And finally for flute, 24 Progressive Studies by Taffanel & Gaubert, newly published for the first time outside their Methode Complete pour Flute.  Suitable for advanced players, £12.99.

Moving on to trumpet, we have Putz's Blue Waltz again, £3.50.  And the new edition of First Repertoire Pieces for Trumpet with CD, £9.99.  Whoops, almost wrote £999, that would be pricey!

And Theodorakis' Rhapsody for Trumpet, composed in 2008.  This one is pricey, at £33.50.

As with all new sheet music, I don't get them in stock straight away.  The sad fact is that I will never sell a copy of most of the new publications, others will take one to two years to catch on.  I know sometimes customers find it frustrating that music is a special order, but if I had a copy of everything ever published I would be bankrupt many times over!

I finally found time this week to make some major additions to band music.  I have added lots of bestselling titles to the wind (concert) band section.  I've also added to the brass section: Brass Quartet/Quintet, and Other Brass Ensembles.   I have another large batch of titles to add to the Brass Band section next week, so watch this space!