Sunday, 8 July 2012

New this week, 8th July 2012

The biggest news this week is the publication of the new ABRSM syllabus for piano from 2013 to 2014.   This kind of event happens pretty much every summer with one of the publishers.  Why summer?   I could be cynical and suggest that it is an effort to boost sales at a time of year when they tend to be flat...

Whatever the reason, it entails a lot of work for retailers.  In addition to the new piano exam pieces books, they also specify a long list of alternative pieces.  While a few of these have been recycled from last time or are already on the website, a number are new to me.  In total there are 96 alternative pieces this time for grades 1-8.  96 is a large number to check and create if they are not already on the website!

Anway, all the pieces are now there, with the exception of a few which seem to be reprinting.  Last year one piece on the Trinity syllabus took 9 months to reprint, so I'm taking no chances this year and will only add them once I can actually get hold of them!

You can find most of them on this page.  I will be gradually getting them in stock over the summer, until then I will just order them as and when required.

Boosey & Hawkes has just published new editions of the Learn As You Play series, this time with CD.  So far we have clarinet, flute, oboe, saxophone, though I am sure other instruments are in preparation.  As I sell the last of the old ones, I am restocking with the new.

This week I have also added the LCM Handbooks for flute and more music for concert band, a section which is slowly getting bigger!

After the floods of two weeks ago, which found me wielding my trusty flood broom for three hours on a Friday night, we emerged unscathed from last Friday's torrential rain.  Hope you did too.