Monday, 10 September 2012

New Sheet Music this week, 10th September 2012

This week I'm starting with the new LCM piano handbooks for 2013-2017.  They're not all available yet, but the first five grades are available to order on the website in the piano exam materials section.

A few new publications are just out:

Hornscape, music for french horn or tenor horn and piano, a welcome addition to the somewhat thin repertoire for these instruments.

Stranger on the A Train, for trombone/euphonium bass clef or treble clef and also tuba bass clef or treble clef.

Sticking with the brass theme, here we have Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 2 arranged for brass tentet. And also Penny Lane for brass tentet.

If strings are your thing, Christmas Favourites for String Quartet is sure to interest - Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland and more arranged for four players.

Lastly, new music for oboe - Philip Sparke's White Light, for oboe and piano.

More to come, new Christmas titles are on the way now...

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