Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Sheet Music This Week 30th Jan 2013

There has been a good number of new publications over the last two weeks, here are the highlights.

For piano:
Howard Goodall's Inspired, a collection of his most popular tunes and TV themes for solo piano.
15 Classical Piano Works, famous pieces for intermediate piano
21 Classical Piano Works, easier pieces for pianists
Chopin's Studies Op 10 and 25 in one volume

For choir, Howard Goodall's Oratorio Every Purpose Under Heaven
A bumper collection of 50 Hymns for choir

For Voice:
Red Hot Song Library - Folk Songs
36 Arias in Antique Style for high or low voice
Schumann's Liederkreis (Song Cycle) Op 24
The Language of Folk - two volumes covering easy to more advanced songs

For violin we have two new editions of Vivaldi Sonatas:
Sonata RV810 and Sonatas RV815 and 816

For Concert Band we have lots of new music:
A Verdi Salute, his most popular opera tunes in this anniversary year.
Caribbean Cocktail, easy caribbean tunes for young concert band
Cyclone by Michael Oare
Ferris Wheel Rock by Van Calster
Gangnam Style for young concert band
La Bamba for concert band
Jan de Haan's Psaltrada
Bert Appermont's Return of the Vikings
Eric Whitacre's Sleep my Child
Andre Weignein's Stepping Stone
Tallis' Canon arranged for easy concert band
The Ultimate 80s Party Hits for concert band

For brass band, try the Red Dwarf theme.

For the factoid geeks, we have the Pocket Dictionary of Composers and Lyricists

And finally, The Pink Panther arranged for string quartet!

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