Friday, 17 May 2013

New Sheet Music this week 17 May 2013

You do have to wonder why it has taken so long to publish Welsh Fiddle Tunes, we've had pretty much every other kind of fiddle tune in this series!  Anyway, it's out now, 97 tunes with CD, £12.99.

The first volume in a new series by Schott, Baroque Violin Anthology, is also now available, with CD, £11.99.

Moving to guitar, the third volume in the Baroque Guitar Anthology is newly published, with CD, suitable for players around grade 5-6 standard, £10.99.

A bumper collection of 27 works transcribed for guitar, Bach for Guitar, includes a few pieces from Anna Magdalena's Notebook, £11.50.

Another collection of guitar music with CD, English Folk Tunes, is also available now, following on from Scottish Folk Tunes.

Moving to piano, quite a number of new books here:

For other instruments, 15 Easy Classical Solos for trombone treble clef, Dupre Angelus Op 34 No 2 for organ, and for bands we have a flexible 5 part version of Chariots of Fire, and Baby Elephant Walk in a flex-band arrangement.

Finally, I have a new rosewood viola mute in stock, beautifully finished and attractively priced at £1.80!

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