Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Transparency Among Retailers

Just spoke to a very nice lady who had questions about the ABRSM oboe exam recordings. Helped her out (no gain for me because she had already ordered music from ABRSM shop), but what really annoys me is that she thought she had spoken to ABRSM about this when in fact she had spoken to the third party who processes the orders from their shop. They weren't helpful, unsurprisingly, because the people on the phone know nothing.
But it really is misleading when big names such as ABRSM and Trinity trade on their brand, make you think that you are dealing with them when in fact you are not. Nowhere do they tell you who actually runs their retail business. I know who it is, as does every other independent retailer in the business, because we all lost sales when the exam boards started doing this a few years ago.
Recently I started another website - www.musicbeginners.co.uk - which is small and targeted at a specific market and with additional information to help customers which I simply could not fit onto my larger site. I am clear on the site and on the invoice as to who owns and runs it. Surely the big brands could be as transparent as me? Or am I being wildly unrealistic?

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